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LED Tail Light Info

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Well I went out and got some LED tail lights today. Although they are brighter and faster responding than regular tail lights, I did find one minor draw back to them. My light warning panel now always has the brake light out light lit, and when I turn the lights on the tail light out light come on. But other than that the lights themself work great. They are made by APC and cost like $7 at the local parts store.
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I have a problem kind of like that too.
I bought a neon licence plate frame and wired it to the licence light. Now whenever i hit the brake pedal the brake light led will come on. Oh yeah my car is an 87 egt, black I´ve got some wicked neons and a magnaflow stainless exhaust. I want to get my scanner to work so i can ad some pics.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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