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Leave it at the track.

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This is a classic case of why I always tell people to take it to the track.

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very interesting...i hope this doesnt happen to any of us!!
Interesting thread. It´s something to remember before trying to goose that Honda at the next stoplight.

Steve Krause
WMR-SCCA/Furrin Group

[ Edited by Miatatude On Date 04-17-2002 ]
DAMN!!! I was down at Firebird on Saturday for Bug-O-Rama. I know right where they´re talking about. I admit I felt like I took that ramp a little fast and I was only doing like 40.

It wont let me post up because Im not a member there, but can one of you express my condolances, and that I´m sorry to hear about the GTI. And I think it sucks that its a blaming situation for that one, but either way lets hope the owner of the GTI can get a new car and back on the track in the future.
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What a wonderfull guy to put his girlfriend in danger like that. I´m not a member either or I would, sorry.
Yeah it sucks that people have to be like that.

In fact last week I came out and there was this huge dent on my passenger rear quater panel with a shoe print over the dent.

Kinda sad when someone has to be jealous of an escort.
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