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Leather Hood Cases?

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The Le Bra´s? or La Bra´s? what ever they are called...well i was wondering if anyone had them on their escort and if they liked em, like is it easy to get on and is it expensive to buy one?

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I don´t have the full "Bra" on my car, but I do have the nose section for the hood. It´s not made by LeBra, but another Canadian company. I went to my local Walmart and bought one for $32 cdn. It´s not leather, but a breathable vynil. It takes less than a 30 sec. to put on or take off.
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I personally like the look of the Lebra´s, although if I were to get one I would only get the hood peice. My friend has a full one on his 93 Dodge Colt and it really looks good and its a sinch to put on and take off. I´m pretty sure it would be easy for the escort since the companies that make them design them for each individual car. I don´t think the brand name matters though, they all look the same to me, of course there could always be a quality issue between brands.
remember that if the bra doesn´t fit extremely tight and well it will rub and probably ruin the paint. I haven´t seen very many instances were a bra was a good thing :-?
I would go with a GTS smoked contoured budg gard and matching headlight covers.Although I have seen a few people put some of the 3M brand self adhesive film on under or instead of the bra and had great results.It goes on like window tint with warm soapy water and is virtually chip proof.If you do a good job all that can be seen is the line at the edge.
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