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Here is what I did:
I first put a bead of RTV Ultra Black on the valve cover, thick enough that it squeezed out somewhat when I put the blue gasket back into the groove in the valve cover. I bolted the valve cover down (but didnt tighten it all the way down) and left it cure overnight. That glued the gasket to the valve cover in a leak-free way.
Then I took the valve cover off again, and put a bead of RTV Ultra Black on the side of that blue gasket that would be facing down onto the edges of the head. I laid that down, and started the bolts down far enough to make sure the valve cover was lined up properly with the head. The next morning I tightened the 3 bolts down. They dont need to be very tight. The RTV was a thick enough bead that it visibly oozed out all the way around the joint.
So far in 500 miles no sign of oil leakage from that joint.

Now I have to do the same thing to my other two Escort Valve covers; both of which leak.
It doesnt seem to matter whether the 3 grommets for the bolts are new or old. The leak always was only between the head and the rim of the valvecover..
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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