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As others have already pointed out...

The hose at issue [wires conduct electricity] is the vacuum hose that provides vacuum to move air doors in your Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioning ("HVAC" ) system.
Lacking an intact hose, the blower may draw from and/or blow to destinations other than what has been selected by the dash controls.

Originally, the vacuum hose was a marriage of hard plastic tubing and pliable rubber hose.
Matching that construction exactly is not necessary (i.e. don't worry about tracking down replacement hard plastic tubing).
All that is necessary here is to create an intact length of vacuum hose sections to get the HVAC doors working properly and eliminate the vacuum leak causing poor engine behavior.
Replacement vacuum hose is readily available at any auto parts store, as are small plastic nipples [see the HELP section] used to join hose sections.
Build something to run from the open nipple on the intake manifold to the orphan length of hose dangling from the firewall.
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