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I love this site to peices... and i check it usually once b4 school.. once during school, and about 4 times after.. but i find i am missing some posts sometimes... does anyone else feel we should have oh say.. "Last 25 Posts".. it woulnt be too hard would it..? just a change in the code.. anyways.. just my thoughts.
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I would like that also. I hate having to dig through all the posts even the ones from like a week ago just to find all the ones from the current day. So I am all for that.
as long as u guys dont mind ill have to play with the code a bit.
I´m sure you won´t have to twist too many arms to be allowed to change it around, Slapyo
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ok im working on it, but the problem is we are over our disk space. so when i tried to upload it it wiped out the old one and then wouldn´t write the new one so the block currently doesn´t work. but it should as soon as we can get some stuff deleted.
Don´t let this go to your head, but I have to compliment you guys. I may consider myself to be a rather accomplished car guy, but the mastery you, and your generation, show concerning computer/internet technology is mind boggling. I know that it is just the toy you have all grown up with, but I am still astounded. I wouldn´t know where to begin on changing the site parameter, or beginning one, for that matter.

One complication that the dependence on computers poses, however, is noticed by my wife (a teacher), and myself. This holds true for many of her students, so this is not a direct reflection on you folks, specifically. Grammar, spelling and writing skills have taken an unintended hit. Kris´s kids are magnet school geeks who shoot the numbers on the national tests (1600´s on the SAT, and the like), and go to the Ivy League schools. Be that as it may, they still cannot spell, do not punctuate, and very rarely write papers, or letters, in a manner which befits a high school student, let alone the "best and brightest," as they think themselves to be. It seems that with spell and grammar check, no one is required to think, the computer corrects all your errors for you. As for the writing skills, that problem is more a result of the liberalization of the school curriculum, where traditional skills are pushed aside for a more left-leaning agenda. I will stop here before I get on my political soapbox.

Sorry for the lecture, there. I just wanted to let you know that this "old guy" is impressed. Keep up the good work, ´cause I sure can´t do it. ; }


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right on thanks!

i actually read an article the other day that had to do with the internet and kids in school. it discussed how they would use "internet shorthand" in their papers. they didn´t punctuate things, and they would use u instead of you or 4 instead of 4. the teachers didn´t take it, they said this is a class and not a chat room and they would give the students a chance to re-write it otherwise it was a F. was a really interesting article, i´ll see if i can find the link.
I glad someone finally decided to change the last 10 posts column. People´s articles were covered up too quickly which limited the number of replies to their posts. I actually tried to post the same suggestion as nuke, but my isp kicked me off just before I could submit the message. After that I couldn´t get back on and I ended up forgeting about it the next day. Damn dial up connections.
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No problem, Donnie. We are debating the proper term for such language. I am partial to IMbonics (Instant Messanger + ebonics), or just plain
e-bonics (e-mail + ebonics). What do you think?

haha I was actually wondering about changing it myself. I´ll see what I can´t do about space tomorrow.

Also I agree with the spelling/grammer problems.
I personally was never good at it. It was always something I struggled with. So if you see me spelling something wrong please excuse the error. My future mother in law is a english teacher so I´m trying to learn as I go now. Sure wish I had put the effort into it when I was younger!


[ Edited by egtdude On Date 11-10-2002 ]
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Imbonics!!!lmao!!!! I live in pretty big city outside of philadelphia that has many diverse cultures. Well I liek to go and read some of these kids profiles. If i hadn´t grown up in the city listening to how these kids talk I would think this woul dbe a whole different language. It is funny to read but really sad at the same time, cause this is how these kids talk also and they think nothing of it. And I´m not just saying it´s one culture cause it´s not it´s all of them. I think it´s just pathetic.
What do you guys need to for more disk space? Is there anything any of us can help out with?
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Slapyo, I could kiss ya. But, i´ll save it for my car.
That 25 posts is long, but lots better. Thanks, this should make everyone so happy we all need to say thanks to Slapyo...........................

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your welcome....thanks to egtdude also....since this website is a team effort! and then of course without you all it wouldn´t even be here!! so thanks to everyone!

i do agree, it is long, but alot better since you can see more threads.
sorry! thanks to you egtdude as well. You both are pretty cool.
yeah thanks to you both. I like that alot better. Much easier to use.
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