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Ok, if i get KYB struts all the way around i only spend 199.88 dollars plus tax and shipping for the set (US).
If i buy Tokico struts all the way around i spend 358.28 plus tax and shipping for the set (US). OK...ANYBODY with ANY experience with these sets would be helpful, would it be worth it to spend the extra 159 dollars for Tokico? or should i go cheap route and buy KYB? Thanks for any help.
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David Sonnier (don´t think he´s on the list anymore, sold his car) had KYB GR2´s, with Eibach 1" progressive lowering springs and a set of ST swaybars. His car rode like it was on rails. Drove his car twice and it was SO much better than stock (but I guess any improvement is, eh?), quite comfortable on the street, but got aggressive during cornering.
What do you mean aggressive, is that a good aggressive or a better-than-stock aggressive?
In my mind Good means the car stays planted and rips out a 1.0g +/- on the skip pad. Better-than-stock meaning it keeps the same numbers, but feels more secure during hard cornering.
I have all 4 KYBs. I love them. Hard and bumpy.
Hard and bumpy? i don´t want that, my cd player skipped when i drove over the road they were re-paving today. i want it to sort of float with just a hint of bump. hehe
the tokico zx2 S/R struts go for 160 US. they are made for a 1" drop and will be a bit stiffer. however they handle the riggers of road racing really well accourding to Wayne
KYB´s with the Eibach progressive springs mean that street comfort was retained. Ride felt a little bit stiffer than stock but not at all unpleasant. What I mean about aggressive is that we went into a deep cloverleaf entranceway and the car began to roll with weight transfer as the softer springs began to act. The harder the turn however, the tighter the springs got so that coming out of the corner, felt like we were cornering flat. Felt totally composed and capable.
thanks Zee, thats what i wanted to hear.
Ok another question, since I´ve decided on the KYB struts... will I need to buy the Boots(10.19 ea.) and Mounts(36.98 and 40.08) along with those to make it work? I will have to wait anyway to get the lowering springs before i take them in to the shop.

I decided I´m getting the Suspension Tech 1.5" lowering springs (153.14).

A Ractive strut tower brace (34.65).

Then I´m getting the front and rear set of anti-sway bars (227.68).
With KYBs and hard lowering springs like eibach say good bye to confort street ride. People are conpensate for that by putting softer springs like Sprint or Intrax. Still CD will skip on big bumps.
That why they invested anti skip..
Both my deck and cd changer have it.
I' never miss a beat !!

You get what you pay for

Ride`n on tokico zx2 S/R struts with eibach springs.
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anti skip sucks, in my opinion. it´s never worked for me.
I´m probably going to rewire my speaker wires in my car then I´m going to try to put a new In dash CD/MP3/Radio Tuner in there. Another Pioneer. I found one on sale for 229.xx dollars....don´t have it though so i´ll probably miss the sale. I want it cause it´s got CDr and MP3 playback capabilities and it comes with a remote
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James: I have the Suspension Technique springs on my 1st Gen LX and running standard Gab struts all around and love the handling. I will move to the KYB one day when it comes time to replace the struts again. I put new struts on when I put the new springs on and thats been over two years ago...not a single problem.
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Cool Rascal. I plan on getting the KYBs with suspension tech 1.5" lowering springs as soon as the paycheck allows...but with the repairs i just made to my engine, and christmas coming up now, i don´t think i´ll get a whole lot done to the car until after the first of the year. Maybe my tax refund check will help me out a little.
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