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Killer looking sun visors

Discussion in 'How-To's' started by Blitzter, Oct 29, 2015.

  1. Blitzter

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    What is with those Escort sun visors and the crappy material they are made of? Have two 97 wagons, one for my Dobermans, aka " THE DOG WAGON"! The other for people only. I bought the people Escort wagon from the original old owners. Why were they selling it? Valve seats. Awesome clean body, paint, and new motor now. Soon to customize the upholstery. Was talking to the guy who will be doing my upholstery about the ugly looking sun visors, when I glanced back at the tan cover in the back of my wagon. Never use it so I asked the guy if he could make the cover into working for the sun visors. Answer? YES!! Since both of my wagons have the same gold met paint, tan interior and both have the tan cover, I have enough for both and then some. So if you want a cheap in price way of redoing your old, butt ugly sun visors, even if you don't have a wagon. Keep your eyes open next time you are at the JY. Hope this helps you out? Happy hunting too!
  2. zzyzzx

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    Given the number of webpages I see that show you how to re-upholster sun visors, I'd say that it's a common problem.

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