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well I went down to visit the campus of RPI today and even though I left at 4am to do it, on the way back, it was cool and sunny, and the roads were PERFECT.

I came back through the adirondacks and managed to successfully pull a 35mph turn at just over 70mph. I had crazy fun and my heart was racing and my adrenaline was pumping like made. Man what a rush. :-]

A deer popped out in this one section, and I was doing a hair over 80mph so I slam on the brakes, throw into a small skid, throw out the rear end just a tiny bit, and then countersteer to gain control, and swerve around the deer. It was fucking amazing and I couldn´t believe I did it. I did it almost without thinking about it, and it potentially maybe saved my life. Either way my adrenaline was so sky high I probably wouldn´t have cared :)

Anyway, the deer and I went our separate ways without a scratch and I still plowed through the mountains at 60+mph and had a great time.

Well I thought that maybe you guys would like to know that. If you´re ever going from canada to lower state NY, make SURE to go through the adirondacks. There is some amazing switchback and s-curves driving there that is just a blast. It makes life worth living :)
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