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killer cossie drag video

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I know street racing is dangerous and it can kill innocent people, but just have a freakin eskimo pie for a minute and watch this vid:

Click here to download the vid

Closer to the camera is a the one and only Ford Escort Cosworth [SIS 2000] (the red car that´s whuppin ass) and on the far side is an Audi Sport Quattro (Dahlbäck).

I´m only going to be hosting this video for a week or something, so grab it while it´s hot.


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lmao Dude not only is that a kill, that is a flat out murder. he had that guy by a car length by the time he let off the clutch.
as far as I know the latest Cossie is a 299 hp turbocharged 2.0L I4 with AWD. yeah, how´s that for a Supercar?
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