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I was driveing down the main road of my town with my friend, and I see this Stang up ahead, weving in and out of traffic, and I finally pull up next to him at a light but unfortuantly we both had cars if front of us, so i slide across two lane and traffic opens up for me and i pull away, all of a sudden the stang slides behind me, and by now he is already downshifted, so i throw the car down two gear to third, and he pulls up next to me and im rolling with him until i hear him shift, so pull ahead a little, but then i throw it in to fourth and i jump a little further ahead, by now i think that is good enough for me and slow way down, meanwhile my friend is just hyped becuase my GT roll with a Stang. I know the is no way my pretty much stock GT can run with a 5.0 LX, do you guys think it was a V6. Two kills two days...
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