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well its a car thats been around for ages in my town.. i know the owner.. he was letting his wife drive it and well she tryed to ricer flyby my ass and umm it didnt happen. lol she passed me thinking unpainted kit, slow as hell. well i caught up and smoked her at the next light. i guess she thinks it a race car cuz it had a muffler.. its a auto lmao even burning out all the way till limiter and hitting second i could cath up no prob. lmao silly girl got 0wn3d by the president of her mans team...hmmm i hope she tells him she tryd to race the red and black 97....so *he* can also explain how stupid she is. lol :twisted: man it cracked me up.. she tryed to beat me goin onto the freeway.. so i pulled about 4 cars and then let up...to turn into my exit. lmao man the whole thing just cracked me up since i know its an auto and stock with huge heavy 17s....so chalk one up for ol red! w00t!
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