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Killed a V8 Tundra and a Sentra

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About a week ago I killed a 01-02, Sentra SE (badged SE-R, but I doubt it). Made him look pretty bad too, seeing as how he was lowered with exhaust and intake...I had to give him a little wave as I spooled and left him sitting there looking dumb. Cant wait till he runs to his friends going "I just got smoked by this Escort"

And tonight on my way home some guy in a Tundra V8 tried to do the whole, ´4cyl, no challenge´ type thing...I played with him on the hwy well over 90 making him think he had a shot, then we he cut me off to exit the hwy I came from behind him on the on ramp to the other hwy. He had a passenger, so he can´t hide his dignity :-]
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stock on stock the tundra will beat a 4.6 ford 2wd f150 longbed when i worked at toyota i had perks and took a fully loaded tundra home when they first came out. My brother being a domestic only, jap are crap kinda guy said he would beat me and he got smoked so hard. i still laugh at it. obviously trucks arent the fastest thing on earth, unless you get a gmc typhoon or an svt lightning. but beating anything with a v8 when you have a 4cyl is priceless
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