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Killed a Sunfire GT

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Don´t you just hate it when you see these little blonde chick´s driving their new car that Mommy just bought her, thinking she´s all that and more because she´s driving a stock, with an auto.

Well, I came across one last night, and she was changing lanes like her car was so much faster than anyone elses, so I decided to give her a run for her money. My car is a 2000 Zx2 with a stick, and I pull up to her, right beside her a stop light. She was laughing, and looking over, so it was on. The light turned green and she had me in 1st, but once I was in 2nd, I was outta there. I almost felt bad butchering the poor girl like that... no I don´t.
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Not really, just a K&N airfilter.
If you wish hard enough, it just might happen! I would put more mods on the car, but I´m concerend about the warrantee bullshit.

You know, the whole "The air filter voids your warrantee on the spark plugs."

Well, not really, but ya know what I mean.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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