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killed a crx

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i was up town friday night and i pulled up next to a fixed up crx when the light turned green i expected to get killed but it was just the oposite i had him by a car lingth my 87 gt with ram air and free flow exaust was pulling strong that nigh cause i also kept even with a fixed up focus
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Steet racing is Illeagal and dangerous. Shame on you
Anyway I´ve betten a CRX or two in my day. I stayed on ones rear bumper prety well with three passangers onboard once. I went up against one on the freeway once, and they must have the exact same top speed as a scort, cuz neither of us could go any faster, it sucked. I wish there was a way to make a higher speed speedometer for the scorts. Putting the neddle to the odometer suxs.
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yeah i raced one too but this kid had it so worked it wasnt even funny, he blew me away till he topped out at 90MPH and then I slowly got close to him, but yeah there fast little cars man.
CRX with original engine sucks really bad. Evem my buddy who has 2 CRXs is saying that. One of them is a drag racer with 800hp. But engine is swapped out of prelude. Other one is street car. but engine swapped as well. They are good little cars. But without engine swap they are virtually Festivas.
Ohh BURRRRN!!!! Thats sad, I wouldn´t even compare a Gremlin to a Festiva, and we all know how everyone like to trash the Gremlin. I want to know what Ford was thinking when the developed the Festiva??? Maybe this is what they were thinking..... "How can we design a car even slower and smaller and cheaper than an Escort? Something that a Geo Metro might be able to compete with? Hmmmm, maybe we´ll call it a Festiva, what ever the hell that means. But who cares, if some one is dumb enough to buy one they won´t care what it´s called."
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Done It.
my dad recently bought a ´92 festiva gl to replace his ´88 hyundai excel cx. at least it´s an improvment, but not quite on the right track yet
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3 of us and our luggage once drove from Richmond VA to Boston MA in a 92 Festiva. Peppy little car considering, but I was more than ready to get out and stretch...
I have said this before and I will say it again. I am constantly amazed at some of the nice looking cars out there. They have nothing or next to nothing special under the hood. Those morons spend I don´t know how many hundreds even thousands on the exterier with nothing to back it up. I have found that don´t let look intimidate cuz thats about all they can do. I am putting my money in the engine first then looks later. Yeah my car doesn´t look that great but it makes it even more of a sleeper!
Thats exacly whats happening. They spend all their money on exterier look and getting smoked by guy who spent all money on engine.
My car isn´t made to go fast...its just a good lookin´ cruzer! I spend my money on the sound system.
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Two of my friends run a 89 and 90 Civic HB Si´s. Kinda like the CRX...both of them run upper 14´s. No bottle, no FI...just exhaust and intake.

Both of them KILL my scort by a second and a half
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