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Kill list for sunday

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Yeah tonight was a pretty good night on the racing street where I live. Me and my girlfriend got in a fight so i decided to take it on my escort so here his my kill list for tonight.

I see this bright new orange mustang "v6" with yellow flames and pull next to him. He looks at me and talks to his friend probably something like "this little escort kid is gonna get a beating". He starts reving his motor up and we both start by burning the tires, "rev up to 2500 rpm and release the clutch". After first gear I had a little gain on him but after my powershift in second i was at least one car ahead of him. It ended up he stopped racing when i pulled in 3rd gear. I wanted to give him a thumbs up but I think he was humiliated he did´nt want to come near me after that.

Other kills

Celica gts "earlier model"
Old riced up prelude

Im gonna keep representing the escorts and remember, even if you win show some respect and give him a thumbs up. :-]
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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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