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My apologies if this has been said elsewhere before. I´m just so excited that I beat the system :D

I know that on many peoples profiles they have a K&N filter listed in their upgrades. However, I don´t know if its for the stock airbox or not. So, if you want one for your stock airbox, here´s a story for you.

Not being an overly crazy tuner, I though that investing in a K&N would be a relatively simple thing to do for me to get a bit more ´pep´ from my 1.9 .

*&%[email protected]!**# :evil: was one of the few things running through my head when I discoverd, and was told that K&N does not list a filter for the 1.9 Escort. Why??, ....Why??? :cry:

To make a long story short, it was discovered that the airfilter for my 94 1.9 Escort is the same size as my Dads 2000 Dodge Caravan 3.0 . Better yet, K&N lists a filter for the Caravan. So, off to Canadian Tire I go to get the filter. Better yet, when I put it in my scort, it fits! :lol:

I´ve only been driving with it in for a little while, but I noticed the improvements. It seems to have more low end ´grunt´ to it, and a stronger pull throughout the power band. It also runs extremely smooth when cruising along. The better milage claim will come in handy as well with all the summer driving I will be doing.

More ´pep´ is always nice, because there is a severe lack of it with the auto tranny.

And thats how I beat the system :p

Matt 8)

*please disregard this notice if you already have a K&N in you stock airbox*
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