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K&N Airfilter

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I have a high flow K&N filter that I want to install on my 1.9L engine. It has an adapter which I think fits it to the stock intake tube. I think the stock airbox needs to be removed first. Has anyone done this?
Also what is a MAF sensor? What is a VAF? What do I do with/about them when I make this Mod? Will I get more HP despite the filter being up where it draws warmer air?
Any help/explanation greatly appreciated!!!
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ALL the credit goes to Blade on this one... correct me if I´m wrong:

If you´ve got a plate with 4 bolts on it and something like a cone filter off of that, yes you have to change a few things. First, take out the airbox. This is easy fo´ sheezy ma neezy. there are 3 bolts, one on the firewall side, the other two on the headlight side. I think it takes a 12mm socket or right around there.

Then of course you need to take out the other part of the intake, which is that part that goes from the air filter to the actual intake tube to the manifold. I´ve never done this, but it shouldn´t be too tough.

The hard part is where to put that little orange sensor that previously resided in the box... you´ll have to ask somebody better than me on this.

The MAF sensor is short for "mass air flow" sensor... or something like that. If you open up the airbox and look down the intake tube (towards the engine side) you´ll see a vertical fin running right through the diameter of the pipe. This is your MAF. It detects the amuont of air entering the engine.

A VAF is short for "vane air flow". This is the type of volumetric air sensor used stock on EGTs. This is a poor design because it uses a flapper which does something like restrict flow or something. I dunno, but you don;t have to worry about this.

Concerning the MAF when you do the mod, you shouldn´t have to touch it. Just bolt that plate onto it, that´s all.

What you are probably thinkng about is that little orange bulb that was in the upper housing of the airbox. I dunno what you should do with this.

And blade told me last night that despite the fact that you´re taking warmer air, it´s actually not thaty much warmer. I dunno for sure. Chances are it will still be an improvement over stock.

He said that on his friend´s car, installing a colt air intake improved his 1/4mile from 17.9 to 17.8, so it doesn´t really make a difference.

hope that somehow a fellow LX owner (me) could have helped ya out

I´m getting new tires today, if anybody cares! w00tz0r!!1
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after you take the air box off grab the tube that went into the air box(from fender)and yank that thing out. it will let more cold air in.
ide like to find who designed the intake tube for the air box and ask them what they where smoking.
Yeah, cold air does help for for a naturally aspirated motor (N/A) the air temp difference just isn´t that huge. (Dont tell your Honda friends this, I´m sure they´d argue you because their AEM Cold Air Intake was over $200 bucks and for that much money they expect power).

Same with going to a cone filter or a bigger filter, or a cut airbox (for the GT´s)....you probably wont notice a big difference, however you will notice a little better throttle response. And maybe a little bit harder pull on a hill...but still you´re talking of an increase of 2 -3 hp at the most with a filter. That´s hard to feel in a car.

Here´s what I kinda did...I used plastic to aim my filter down in the fender where the cold air was coming from and left the hosing down at the bottom.

I guess where the big difference in air temp is a big deal is on cars with forced induction. When you compress air the temp goes up (like you´d expect). Anyhow when the intake air temp goes up too high it adds to the problem of detonation. In this case getting cold air is a big help, hence the purpose for intercoolers. I can tell you though if you get an intercooler heated up too much, their efficiency will drop to the point where they´re not doing any good.
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OK. The adapter piece for my filter does have a flat plate with four holes in it, so it gets attached at the MAF, right? Is the MAF close to the airbox or closer to the intake manifold? In other words, will my filter attach to that black, curvy tube that connects the manifold to the airbox, or do I remove that so that the filter attaches nearer the manifold?
And what do I do with that orange sensor thing from the airbox?
I ordered another K&N filter today, a flat one which drops right into the airbox, so I can convert my 2nd scort much more easily. When they´re both done, I can compare the results.
Gosh, it´s so frustrating that this thing has no instructions! HELP!
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Your MAF is the sliver thing with the black plug into it. You take off the whole stock airbox so all your left is with the black intake tube and the sliver MAF on the end. You should have 4 long screws out of it and that is where your adapter goes, make sure you plug in the black plug or your car will idle then die. Then put your cone filter on the round part of the adapter Look where the silver MAF with the black plastic piece on it, your adapter goes right on the end of that.

94 Scort Sportin´ Nothin´.....Or am I??

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SuperScort, thanx a million, man for the explanation and picture. Makes what I gotta do so much clearer. Much appreciated!
Btw nice looking engine compartment in your scort! Sportin nothin, huh? Anyway, inspires me to get to work on mine!
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Oh thats not mine it was the perfect explination pic though.
What did you make your IC pipe out of? What type of BOV are you using? What type of intercooler are you using? How do you like the flow characteristics of the GTX manifold as opposed to the GT? I´ve been trying to get my engine compartment clean for awhile...I can see you ditched the cruisecontrol and it looks like you ditched the A/C lines...what else did you get rid of to clean it up that much?

OK, one last question (I hope!)
I was gazing lovingly neath the hood of my scort just now, and realized there´s still an unanswered question: What do I do with the (orange?) sensor thing which is currently in the airbox lid? It´s next to the MAF, and it´s wire actually joins with the wire to the MAF sensor into a harness of sorts. I mean, can I remove it and ignore/disable it, or will it not being there affect my engine´s operation? Sorry I don´t know what to call it, I have a Chilton manual on the way and it can´t seem to get here fast enough for me!
Anybody? When you ditch the airbox, what DO you do with this sensor thing???
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Have you tried running your car without it. Because if it runs then you can most likely leave it disabled.
Nope. I´m really trying to understand what I need to do BEFORE I start ripping things out.
Has anyone already done this?
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So what is this sensor thing for anyway?
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