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ive got a 94 lx 5 speed 3 door. it was a project car that i drove daily, no carpet or interior panels (minus door panels, theyre still there). im thinking about selling it because i am going into the army and no one i know can drive a stick and i dont want it to sit there. it is lowered 2 inches all the way around, has strut tower bars front and rear, new tires, been aligned so u dont have to worry about that, new air filter, recent (~400 miles ago) oil change, new coolant because i replaced the motor in it. i bought the car with a bad motor and rebuilt the motor thats in it now. new everything on it, oil pump, water pump, timing belt and tensioner. basically a new motor.
the good-
nice paint, little oxidation in normal areas
no tears rips or stains in seats, front and rear
as mentioned new motor
the bads-
its from up north, so no coating on the underbody. no bad rust spots, just starting to show in one place in front of left rear tire.
the extras-
2.0 single cam head
jgs log manifold for a zetec, all u have to do is buy the right emf for it and weld it up
an rci fuel cell 8 gallon with foam
ford racing 42lb injectors
3.8 throttle body
intake manifold for the 2 liter head (not yet ported for throttle body)
new crank gear for the round tooth timing belt
t28 turbo ebay special
an extra 1.9 valve cover
i also have an aeromotive fpr for it with braided stainless line, about 10 feet, i dont know if im gonna part with the fpr, it was epensive as hell and i know im not gonna get it all back.
basically im lookin for 2500 for everything minus the fpr. if you want the fpr we will talk prices.
like i said just testing the waters, throw me prices if you want to for the extra goodies.
thanks for reading.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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