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Just spent 235 dollars

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Ok I decided to go ahead and just order a few products from NOPI...
Got two (I believe) KYB Struts for my front end (I´ll get the rear struts at a later date), a set of boots and mounts for them, A Ractive Type 8 Strut Bar, and some Axxis Mazda Brake Pads. See if they´re any better than my current brake pads are now. I´ll get the slotted and cross drilled rotors later as well.
I´m cheap, I only opted for the $14.33 week-long ground shipping. Don´t need to spend 50 bucks to get them in two days anyway
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sweet man, you will have to let us know how long it takes to get them. and then after you put them on give us a review. we have a reviews section on the site, would be cool for you to add in some more reviews on parts.

that does go for anyone! if you have installed something on your scort and would like to make a review, please do so!!!
I just ordered the Pacesetter cat-back from Nopi today and will post a review for what it´s worth after the install. The header I´ve got by them is pretty decent so hoping the exhaust will be fine too. And James, I had the Axxis MetalMaster pads on my 93 GT and they worked great in an otherwise stock brake system. Initial bite was improved as was modulation. More abrasive on the rotors, but you´re not going to wear them out in a month like some racing pads.
hey zee, did you get the pacesetter catback for a 1.9L sefi on an LX?

you going to install the new struts yourself? Is the suspension that bad on a stock LX?
Nah the struts will be done professionally, as will the brakes. (it´s too cold to get under the car, and I don´t want to rent a spring compressor only to possibly kill myself when it pops off, I´ve seen it happen.) But i can put on the strut tower bar myself hehe

siragan: I believe zee got the pacesetter for his 95 GT model, I´m planning on getting that system myself very soon.
Also, (I have a 92 Escort GT, so I don´t know how good/bad the LX suspension is) but it´s not that the suspension is bad out of the stock system; it´s just that my suspension is probably the original out of the box that came with the car, and last time i got under the car the strut boots were worn and broken, meaning water, dust, dirt and everything else is getting in there.
I replaced my brake pads last november, and they´re feeling kind of weak, (Even though they still look pretty thick) so i decided to check out these Axxis pads since they were only like 36 bucks for the set.

Slapyo: I´ll have reviews for them the minute I get time to go play around on the highway and in empty parking lots after it´s all installed.
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*sigh* I got my bank notice the other day and I didn´t see any charges for 235 dollars so I went to NOPIonline.com and I couldn´t find any purchase receipts when I signed in. Then I went to the ATM and noticed that I had 441 dollars in my account. Which means that 235 was never taken out. so I´ll have to
go ahead and call NOPI and see if the website is even there. sorry didn´t get to finish my line of thought cause i got interuppted cause i was at work.

On 2002-12-14 22:36, siragan wrote:
Is the suspension that bad on a stock LX?


i´ve autoX´d / slalomed a few times in my stock suspension lx, and it was fun as heck! had good control and probably woulda beaten a lot more ppl if i had a bit more than roughly 90hp. unfortunatly i don´t havea ny other cars to compare it too, my Scort is the only car i´ve driven hard enough to see how the suspension handles. i´d say it´s kinda in the middle; not completely rigid such that a crack in the road would hurt your neck, but it´s not bouncy as an oldsmobile either. right in the middle, and i like it. really depends of preference. what i need at this point are some better tires than walmart can provide
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