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Okay i know i havent been around here much. I recently bought a 2001 focus zx3 and parked the escort. The escort just wasnt fit to drive in its current condition ( im having crank case pressure issues and a possibly blown turbo :) ) Anyways. I really want to make my cvh a good project car. something like foundnemos. Im really limited to the 1.9 because the lack of variety of junkyard and cars. Im highly okay with this but i was just curious what would the cost of forged pistons and rods cost over off the shelf shit. I want to build something to last.

I also know the stock tranny is limited to so much ho also. iv got goals of 230-250 whp. I know stock pistons should handle this on a good tune but be quite under pressure. But since im limited to 91 octance gas and no dyno/ no dyno tuner.

I just want to see what other people would do in this situation . i dont really want to rip apart my focus and build the zetec i need a good dd.

right now i have for the escort

- edis module ( came today ) yet to be hooked up but now i can control timing ;)

- 440 cc injectors
- blown up turbo i belive ( smoking really bad )
- rs manifold ( dont really like it not much room )
- intercooler
- megasquirt 1 v3
- wideband
- stage 3 clutch ebay :)
- 2-3 sets of pistons and rods
- 3 blocks
- 3 heads
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