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To get it to fit you have to trim the bottom lip only, you can leave the sides that run up the pillars. To attach the four points that run up the pillars I fabbed up four U-Brackets from aluminum and the put a machine bolt up through them and then used a nut with a star lock washer. For the lower part I trimmed it just above where the original holes where and then continued around the side until the intersection of where the bend starts to go up. To attach the bottom part to the deck lid I fabbed up three brackets from aluminum and riveted them to the spoiler (A little fiberglassing and they´ll dissapear) Then drilled 6holes for 6 2inch machine screws, some washers and Nylock nuts. It´s not that hard, it was actually easier than when I put the Merkur spoiler on my 1989 Scort. $30.00 Can. + $10.00 in stainless nuts, bolts and washers not a bad accessory for under $50.00 Can. The next thing I´ll post is my moulded fiberglass Cosworth scoops. Yes I made a mould and the 2 I´ve popped out are starting to look really good. I haven´t had time to work on the widebody lately but all the casts are done and ready for shaping and fitment.

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Nice look with the Wing...

Hope that you will be at the Meet on the 17th of November with it to show it off....

Check here for info:

´94 Red EGT
Plated: "MRVRMN"
"Let the Turbofication Begin..."

I can be found in the GTA within 15ft of the following co-ordinates:
43. 47. 063 degrees N:
79. 27. 142 degrees W:
This will be updated weekly...

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