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I just wanted to extend a general thank you to anybody and everybody that has helped me out througout the years with my two 2 gens. I think in total the advice from this site has saved me over $3000 so thank you so much.

I admit I am mechanically useless, and really don't have time to get into cars much. I am already a very avid drummer, and semi avid golfer. that is too VERY expensive and time consuming hobbies right there! That is enough for this guy!

I have a few things going on with my car right now. I am going to check it out with my mechanic, and if its anywhere over or near $1000 mark, I am letting her go.

I don't think I will play the escort game with the next car. No disrespect. I just want to try something new. I have my heart set on finding a nice 5th Gen Celica, but who knows.

If I see a good 2nd GT around, ill snap it up quick! :)

Although I post very little, I have been around since the old site and have loved the experience of being a part of this group.

Anyway, again thanks to anybody that has helped me in the past!

word up!
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