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yea guys, i did it again, i hit it big at the junk yard, i got the hole rear end off of an escort gt for my rear disk break conversion , i also got two gt rims, and the best part, the gt had a sun roof, and guess what, it was electric, so i riped it out. duriing the time it took to get all this cool stuff off, i never realised what the car right next to me was. it was a dodge datona, oh yea you guessed it TURBO. and the turbo was in perfect shape , no play in the shaft at all. we had to take the hole head off because we could´nt get to the bolts to take the turbo off. the head had a holly throttle body on it to. and you´ll defenatly, never guess how much for all of it..........................$40. they were having a great sale.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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