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$ Joe M!ll!ona!re $

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OMG Zora is going to bite his dick off.
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lol... i was expecting zora to slap him or something... :(. lol. if i would have gotten that $1m check i would go out and buy some escorts! lol.
wow a true life happy ending. Looks like they were made for each other.
I picked Zora from the first shot of her on the carriage coming in.. she´s the only one who didn´t go stupid at the sight of the chateau... and she´s HOTTT
I realized Joe Millionaire was on last night when my wife screamed from the other room, I ran in of course to see what the hell was going on.... Glad to see he picked Zora, Sara was a bit too freaky. Weird smile, like she´d go for your neck or something....
yeah zora was cool. poor for gods sake. How she hasn´t landed someone yet is beyond me.

Sarah was freaky thats for sure. when he told her my fiance almost spit soda all over because when I saw the look on her face I said "dude... shake her hand thank her for everything and RUN!".
Yeah, Sarah´s sadistic grin was a little unnerving. I´m glad they got the million dollars. It made the show complete. The cheesy parts were intended to be cheesy and were usually confined to the butler´s quips. I was really ready for the Joe Millionaire series to suck a big one, and it ended up being one of the coolest things I´ve seen on TV in a long time. :-] Of course, I´m a hopeless romantic.. and poor.
since zora is poor, she must drive an escort, i guess we´ll be losing a member now that shes got soooooooooo much money to spend.
You guys are freaking me out.....bad....for the love of God...LOL Now I know I shouldn´t be talking what with my post count so high, I know I have no life... I thought that would be a pretty cool show but I saw the first episode, and speaking from a purely non-gay stand point, that dude is not very good looking. All those girls basically wanted the money, that he didn´t have. But with guys it´s different, did that Bachelorette Trista chick claim to have 50 million bucks? I don´t think so. Yet guys still lined up to take a shot at her. Women or such money grubbers, but on the other hand, guys´ tend to think with the brains in their pants, first. ;-) (no offense to any women on the feoa board so please...please...don´t come beat me up)
Til this morning I´d never heard of Jo Millionaire - we don´t get the programme over here - since last night, it´s the only thing BBC radio has been talking about. It was apparently brilliant. The word is that the Sarah one has been in a porn movie (can´t remember the name - think it had something to do with knots).

We had a similar show on tv here a couple of months ago, "Mr. Right." Loads of gorgeous babes - the Mr. Right concerned, ended up with the show host Ulrika Jonsson!! What a con.
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