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Jeep wins over Sentra

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Ok I know everyone hates the guys in an SUV or truck that likes to race them but this guy ask for it. I was on my way to work when this guy in a white 2001 sentra pulls up to me and starts taunting me in my Jeep. He would pull ahead then let off the gas to let his exhaust sound off. I tried to let it go till he puntched it at the light going to the onramp to the freeway, so I had all i could stand. I punched it and took off. he stayed around the rear door till I hit 90 then he was like 2 cars back. I put him in place so I was happy. As soon as I slowed he passed and got infront of me like he had something. I don´t like to race the Jeep because it´s not made for it, but this jackass needed to be put into place. Only mods I noticed was exhaust and a little ext. painting! sound like he may of had a intake but not for sure. :-D
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