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will a gtx motor drop into a 91 GT USING THE SAME MOTOR MOUNTS as a 1.8 us spec
what would i all need to do this beside the turbo stuff. like axles,tranny,computer
if any one can help !!!!!
also a gtr motor has how much hp?
does any one know the engine specs on a
gtr motor ? ,so i could build a gtx into a gtr
any info u got!!!!!!
thanks ryan

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Forget about getting an GTR motor...nearly impossible to find, building a GT/GTX motor into a GTR...would require internal changes, and if your going to do that just go all out and build it even more. The GTR is like 210-215horse.

Okay...GTX now... The GTX is a Mazda BPD8, so it will drop right onto your OEM mounts. You dont need to change your tranny (cause they´re the same). But, I would thinking about upgrading the clutch. The GTX usually comes with the VJ-20 Turbo (90-94 GTX).

The only major difference between your GT motor and the GTX is the ECU (programmed for boost apps) and the 330cc injectors.

You can just buy the turbo, IC, FMU, and spend about 1k bucks (like I´m doing) and bolt it up to your GT motor, making it a GTX
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