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Well as it turns out i got my first escort a couple days ago. I have been telling people about my discovery. They were amazed at the shape it was in for 50 dollars. Well it turns out the tranny is shot the engine is in perfect shape but its an LX so I talked around at work and a guy is going to sell me the 1.8 out of his Miata for 350 including a tranny but the tranny wont do me any good. I am also picking up a T3 garrett turbo for 50 bucks and i am going to go looking around for a intercooler and some new injectors. I cannot believe how great this is going for me. I also found a 93 lx 2 door for 500 bucks i am thinking about buying that also taking the tranny out of it and putting it in the 4 door and selling it for 2 grand or so or even a grand hell if i get 950 dollar proffit ill be happy. If anybody needs a 1.9 just let me know im sure i will be selling mine as soon as i get a hold of either one of the cars or if i get both there will be a whole car for sale and a 1.9 engine and a miata tranny. I was also wondering if i need to Upgrade the motor mounts or if i need new ones or will the 1.8 just bolt right up to the 1.9 mounts. Also am i going to need a new tranny or will the one for the 1.9 bolt right up. Let me know if you are interested or have any suggestions. PEACE JEREMIAH
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No, the tranny from the 1.9L will not bolt on to the 1.8L.
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