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Is this bull, or will it work????

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This says it will work on a fuel injected escort. I got a 94 GT?? I don´t know what it even does or if I´ll even get a significant gain.

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I am glad some one was smart enough to ask about these things before they bought them. I´ve seen them all over Ebay, and they are mostly CRAP. The EGR mod is pointless, since your EGR is only open when you are cruising down the freeway. When ever you stomp the gas, it turns off, and when it is on, you conputer leans the mixture a bit to compensate, so no real loss happens at all. As far as the so called timing advance kit, don´t waist your mony. Go to Radio shack an buy a pack of 5K-10K ohm resistors for like .50c and wire on in line with your intake temp sensor, and that´s all you need to do. The theory behind this mod is the added resistance will make your computer think your incoming air is cooler than it really is and it will give you more fuel and advance to compensate, which in reality is all some chips do also. Also putting a cold air intake is essentially trying to do the same thing, only you are legitamitly making the air cooler. So anyway, anyone who still want´s to waste their money can send me a check for $20, and I´ll be more than happy to send you a piece of paper, and a resistor or two, and we will both be happy.
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Like I said, puting the resistor in the Intake Air temp sensor tricks the computer into thinkin there is colder, denser air coming in so it will advance the timing and give a little more fuel. I´m sure if i tried that out here in the desert right now I wouldn´t get to much gain from it since the engine is sucking in 115+ degree air. Telling the computer it is sucking 35 degree air might just mak it too rich for what there is really enough oxegen for. But then again, I haven´t tried it, so I´m not sure what exactly would happen. I´m sure the gain won´t be too noticable, but if you have access to a local drag strip or a dyno, then make som passes without the resistor, and them with, and compare. The theory makes sense, but it´s one of those you never know till you try things. Also, since the timing curve will be advanced more you might need to bump up your octane a bit to prevent pinging. Resistors are cheap, so give it a try, and if it doesn´t work, your out a buck or two. still less then what they want on ebay. Or here´s an idea, buy a variable resistor, then you can change the resistance a little at a time without have to plug in a new resistor.
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The 1.8 DOES have an intake air temp sensor. It is built into the Vane Air Flow Sensor. If you look into your VAF, right before the flapper door, you will see a little thing sticking down from the top. that is it. You just have to know which wires are connected to it inorder to splice into them.
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