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IS it worth it?!?!?

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i have almost bought a crx aftermaket bumper to install on the 91 egt and was wondering how hard of a job this will be? im getting done at a shop but wanna know if its too wide or what possibly might have to be modified?? if you have any input plz reply, thanx!!!
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THe Escort is 66.7" wide
The CRX is 65.9" wide

I was going to use the 92-95 Civic which is 66.9" wide

This is just me
is it worth it, let me search it, find out how hard i gotta work it...damnit I hate that song. lol thanks a lot now i´ll have that in my head for a while...
bah why would you want to put a ricemobile bumper on your Escort? I´m at a loss of understanding, but do what you want to, it´s your car. :)

James92Scort wrote:
is it worth it, let me...


...work it, put your thang down, flip it and reverse it...
LOL I never even read all of your post, james... hahahaha I am so sorry I didn´t mean to copy your idea :D
LOL!!!! I first read that i was like.. why would he flip the bumper than reverse it!?! how can you do that with a bumper? .... LOL!!! so young and stupid :D
lmao nuke, at least you´re honest :)
honduh bumpers are much more available and have many more styles, some are quite low key / subtle and very nice, so why not? there´s too many evo bumpers around fer my liking.
Hey man, not tryin to rag on your decision, it´s just my personal opinions that you see to many Honduh´s out there anyway, so why would ya wanna make your car look like one? But do whatever floats your boat. good luck ;-)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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