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hey guys I have a 1997 evergreen lx
thus far I have
-mitsu teo4h (t25)
-lots of piping
-oil block from a turbo coupe
-oil line from a talon (we'll see if they work soon)
-vortec rising rate fmu
-autometer pro comp boost and AF
-Ic from a turbo coupe and one from a talon
-an extra head that was port matched and polished on the exhaust side
-extrude honed intake mani (prolly shouldnt have but depends who you talk to)
-I have alot of turbo dodge odds and ends along with dsm parts aswell so hopefully I wont come up short on anything, I need an turbo manifold since I lost my cell phone and cant afford to make one anymore....however I should be able to afford an adapter of some sorts

also I need to know what kind of fan you guys used when you went turbo and if a EG civic radiator would work ( there nice and skinny)

Im sure I have a ton more questions coming but I now have some people AIM names so that will help


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Get a custom GJS log manifold, thats the only way your gonna get a DSM flange.
Dont try to make a adapter for the stock mainifold, it sit's too low the way it is now with out a adapter, (and it's tileted at a angle, not good for the life of the turbo) and the motor mount is in the way. DSM's seem to have weak oil seal, dont make it worse by having bad oil return.

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amen to that. the down pipe is the most important part becides fuel managment. its diameter and style affect the speed that the boost comes on, and how efficient the turbo works.
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