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The INTRAX ARS concept was developed as an uncompromised coilover system for street and performance use. INTRAX chose to design a system based upon their IRS modular Motorsport Damper's which are widely accepted at the highest level of Motorsport. This eliminated the need to buy parts from other shock companies as our competition does.

The INTRAX ARS coilover shocks are of a Mono-Tube high-pressure design. All Intrax ARS coilover are pressurized with the inert gas Nitrogen at 11 to 12 Bar. That's 11 to 12 times the pressure exerted on your body right now. This helps maintain consistent dampening at the most extreme piston shaft speeds. Intrax ARS coilovers also feature a large diameter specially heat-treated aluminum body which increases shock volume up to 150%. The utilization of aluminum and the large volume make the INTRAX ARS coilovers thermally stable under the most demanding of conditions. In addition the INTRAX ARS uses one of the largest pistons in use at 45mm and a robust piston shaft of 22mm for Mac Pherson struts and 14mm on shocks. This creates a large displacement difference between the compression and rebound stroke allowing for better low speed dampening characteristics. All of these features are constructed on a modular system derived from our Motorsport IRS program. This allows us to offer the same high quality services to the general public available previously only to our Motorsport customers. INTRAX offers custom valve setting or rebuilding for drag racing, amateur road racing and autocross.

All of this adds up to make the INTRAX ARS coilover's the finest on the market today.


Large thread format for ease in ride height adjustment.
High pressure Nitrogen charged mono-tube design.
Force adjustable in both Rebound/Compression via 15-21 position settings.
Large diameter design increases volume by up to 150% over original equipment design.
Aluminum alloy body, heat treated and hard anodized to equal and exceed the Original Equipment housing.
Alloy body is shortened to allow for maximum amount of travel.
Large diameter piston 45mm.
Large diameter piston shaft of 14 or 22mm.
Modular system allows for custom valve settings and repair.

I got that off of the Company Website


so i guess its springs+shocks....
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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