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I feel like a broken record, as I asked about this issue earlier, but things seemed to have changed on me.

thanks again for the past advice I received, much appreciated.

So I was experiencing random power loss after getting my clutch replaced. It seemed to happen when I would accelerate in any gear. My pressure on the gas would remain the same, but the power I would feel coming out would randomly drop. Not too random however, it was fairly often. I cleaned the air intake, checked spark plug wires, oil change was just done, air filter is brand new. battery is brand new.
the rpms do not drop. I might add that the check engine light was NOT ON while this was occuring.

As of last night, my check engine light came on, and at the exact same time, that power loss issue seemed to go away. Coincidence? I have no idea. I do not feel it is a fair trade if you know what I mean.

Any help is greatly appreciated. My car is like that house from "money pit" with Tom Hanks, it does not seem to end and anything I can do for cheap or nothing right now is greatly appreciated.

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