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I was wanting to start getting parts because i am wanting to try to go turbo this summer. I was wondering what king of intercooler you guys are running and where you guys got them from. Thanks.
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I´m running a front mount intercooler from an 88´ Chrysler Conquest TSi. I picked it up on eBay for 200 bucks shipped.

You know you can always try it, I was thinking of putting two Eclipse sidemounts together into a wicked cool looking front mount.

just an idea --Jason
I found that intercooler from Audio 6000CD is just perfect. Small and good.
Alex, just to clarify you mean the Audi 5000CD, right?
Pritty sure it was 6000CD. But as far as I searched on the web there in no such a thing as 6000CD so I think its 5000CD. Well just find one with turbo.
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I just picked up an Intercooler off an Audi 5000 Turbo the other day for about $80 at a local shop that had a spare off a wrecked car. They are nice and compact yet flow good... I can´t wait till I get my Turbo project finished by spring...

´94 Red EGT
Plated: "MRVRMN"
"Let the Turbofication Begin..."
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If anyone ends up going with a starion or conquest intercooler let me know. I can build your IC pipe that will mold to the subframe and tuck up really nice behind the bumper cheap.
Volvo intercollers are good too. I got one from a 740 Turbo it´s a 3"in3"out. $50.00 Canadian too!
Alex, are you using the Intercooler on a 1.8L or 1.9L Escort? If it is a 1.8L then can you please send me some picks as to how you routed the piping between the Airbox, Turbo, Intercooler and Intake? As well as where you mounted the Audi Intercooler...

´94 Red EGT
Plated: "MRVRMN"
"Let the Turbofication Begine...:
[email protected]
For the most part its all the same Vermin I ditched the airbox and ran a cone filter, then piped it down to the turbo, then from the turbo 90 degrees to the passenger side around the subframe to the IC then around the subframe up over the tranny to the throttlebody. I put my BOV right in front of the battery.
20x10x2.75 griffen core, end tanks are 2.5 inlets and outlets.
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uhmmm...yeah I love how Denis throws down a pic and we all just kinda drop our jaw and think ----*Wooooww*----
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