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Installing Grab handles?

Discussion in 'Interior Modifications' started by Raykar9, Jun 17, 2018.

  1. Raykar9

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    Hello there! Kinda new to this but I was just curious to know if i could install a passenger side grab handle on the headliner.. Im rocking a 97 escort lx/sport and im not sure if i would just mount it to the headliner or have to drill a hole on the metal part of the roof.
  2. cwol97401

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    Midwestern Oregon
    While I haven't had the escort headliner out yet, I do know that factory grab handles mount through the headliner into reenforced mounts on the inner roof skin. To mount a grab handle properly, you would have to reenforce the inner roof sheet metal with a thicker piece and possibly a cross member or two. Not as simple as drilling a couple holes and bolting it in. I suggest going to the wrecking yard and examining a few cars with grab handles to see the different ways factories did them.

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