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installing a tach in a 97lx escort

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Help, can someone please give me info on intalling a tach in my 97 escort lx!! I cant find info on it anywhere. Thanks
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go to this page:

Then click on "how-tos" then "tach install"

Basically you just hook the 12V lead of the tach to your battery somehow (an accessory port in the fuse box would be the cleanest way) and then interface the tach into the ignition system somehow, which is the EDIS4 module, which is located just in front of the front left strut tower. It´s the second wire from the left, should be green if I recall correctly. This basically is grounded every time the spark is fired, and then your tachometer takes these pulses as a function of time and can translate that into a voltage which in turn moves a needle on a gauge, at least that´s how I think it works. Hope that helps.
thanks for your help..... But the 97 and newer models dont have the EDIS4. Anymore ideas??
Oh yeah... duh

I don´t know much about 3rd gens, and neither do a lot of the people here. Do the 3rd gens use electronic ignition or a dist?
they are use electronic ign. Is there any place where you thing i might get more info on this?? websites, forums, message boreds?? Any help would be great
help!!! Someone out there must know this answer
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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