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Info on my scort

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Just wanted to let my fellow scort owners know a little about my car,and what is planned in the future for the lil red demon.

1989 Ford Escort 1.9l EFI

MSD Blaster 2 coil
MSD 11mm wires
Spitfire plugs
K&N Filter
Ractive strut bar
1.6l header
2..25 pipes magnaflow tunnable cat back

Shaved handles,antenna,washer squirters,emblems
Primered grey
17 Konig rims with Nitto Extreme tires
5% tint all around

Red Grant GT steering wheel
Red painted accents
4 Streetglow 15" red neons
red and white seat covers
white face gauges

Clarion H/U
Clarion mids and highs
alpine zr 10´s
lanzar 400watt amp bridged
optimus 110watt for mids and highs
audiobahn farat cap
stinger 4awg wiring

Future Mods/Plans:
Front and rear Honda bodykit (undecided)
GT side skirts
custom 2 tone pearl white/candy apple red paintjob
underbody streetglow neon kit (red/white)
18" white racing rims
custom frenched license plate box
clear corners
clear taillights
custom z3 fenders
custom fiberglass hood
engine swap (undecided..suggestions?)
sparco red/white racing seats
custom audio/video install
custom red face gauges

well thats is all i have for now,any suggestions on more mods for my car?

89 Escort 1.9l EFI & 94 Escort Lx Sedan 1.9l SEFI

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yeah for your engine swap, put in a 1.8L w/ the transmission, that way you´ll have a sweet lookin LX-E.
Where did you get your Konig rims? I´m looking for some traffiks do the 17s rub on your scort
yo, don´t get a HONDA body kit. theres enough out there to stay loyal.
Have any pics? I´d like to see a first gen on 17"s. Looks to me like you got a nice scort happenin there, keep it up.
I got my rims from my brothers g/f..i dunno where she got them,but they are nice rims,the only time they rub is when I am taking a corner 35mph or over,and the only reason why i am gonna use the honda kit is becuase i got it free from a friend.I´m trying to get my digital camera to work so i can take some pictures,i got the car apart on the inside and front fenders and bumper,becuase i am gonna try and make my own hood and fenders.I will keep everyone posted on the progress when i get something done

89 Escort 1.9l EFI & 94 Escort Lx Sedan 1.9l SEFI

[ Edited by TechN9ne On Date 10-13-2002 ]
Which style of Honda kit will work with a 1st Gen? I don´t give a damn if its for a Honda or what....its going a Scort...and its going to be a Scort body kit!! Let me know when you can.
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