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indash air vents

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Ok when i start up my car in the morning, I usually put on the heater and direct it to the windshield, and then when I get in after it warms up i direct it to have the heat blowing on my feet and not in my face (makes me tired for some reason). So my question is would it be possible to take out the vents and tubes leading to the vents in the dash, leaving the side vents for the side window defogger? I don´t really use them and I don´t need em and I think it´d give me a cleaner looking dash and it might lose a little bit of weight and whatnot. Anyone think this is feasible or would it screw up everything in the dash for the ventilation?
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yes you can take out the vents, but it involves taking the whole dash apart. Jason blade knows all about this... don´t ya, jas? :-]
have you been looking at my pics or is that real ?There´s at least four escorts here(in western wa.) that I have done the headlights on. I just need to get the fricken pics up.Hey 91 Sleeper, can ya bring a digi cam and take some pics for me? I´ll even come and get ya if you need me to. I currently have no seats in my scort as I´m strippin my interior.Well it´s stripped but I got alot of work to do before I put the seats back in.(I wanna do the stripes on the inside too,and then....well you get the idea.)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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