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Im so depressed about my car....

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Its gonna die, and theres nothing I can do about it. I dont understand how people on here keep doing so much too there rides. well, I guess I do understand, they probably have the money.

Im making BARELY enough money to get by right now. I have so many debts to clear.

The reason Im posting this is I dont want my car to die. These are the things I think are wrong with it.

Rear Suspension: Is really horrible right now. I havent even investigated the front carefully, but its probably bad too.

Tires: Are ALL bald as hell. no grip, like NONE!

Tie Rod End(I think...) Wheel will jerk to the side for no reason when driving straight. New CV joints, just had an alignment.

some strange engine sound that seems to come from the alternator area, but lower down, that is at engine speed. like a belt sound but its not the belts. something in the engine itself.

possible transmission trouble: clutch isnt grabbing quickly at all. really bad sometimes actually.

I could be overexaggerating but I had a really horrible day today. My car was giving me shit today. And every little detail was driving me nuts!

I dont wanna lose my car, iv fallen in love with it. Its just not possible for me to sink money into it right now!

I need to find some quick budget solutions fast.

Sorry, I dont mean to rant, but its hot as a @#%! today and Im grumpy and was hoping somebody would have some insight.

I took mechanics for two years so Im fairly mechanically inclined. Just no time or money right now.


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>Tie Rod End(I think...) Wheel will jerk to the side for no reason when driving straight. New CV joints, just had an alignment.

...If your rear suspension is bad (not uncommon for Escorts) ... probably broken coil ... it can pull the car out of alignment no matter if the tires are bald or if it´s had the most precise realignment. I had the same issue that was cured after fixing the rear suspension ... only problem was that the rear suspension fix is kind of pricey unless you do it yourself.

...but ...you might have further suspension issues ... I still have front suspension issues (but at least I can drive saying "Look ma! No hands!!!"

Your strats are gone. Both on rear and front. Front strat rods are even (I think )are out of strat cylinders. When I replaced mine I found out that ALL my strats were not dead but DEAD. I recomend to replace all 4 of them. And you´ll save a lot of money if you´ll do it yourself!.
I decided to suck it up and take my car to get checked out. I was right apparently about the tie rod end. As well, my alignment was still f´ed. So im going back to the place I had it done before and showing them the specs from the new alignment job and demanding some sort of payback for there poor worksmanship.

Also, had to replace the inner socket on the rack and pinion.

got two new front tired while I was at it just cuz it should have been done.

400 bucks later(god thats gonna hurt like a mofo.....) im not so upset. Still have a nasty rattle which I believe is the heat shield. Which I will probably just remove for now.

I feel much better now, although My wallet sure doesnt.

I was gonna fork over the 10 bucks to be a full member, but I REALLY cant afford it now. Thats how poor I am these days. I have the welfare Scort! lol


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I feel for you dude. Don´t worry about the membership. you´ll do it when you can. I don´t suggest anyone not eat in order to be a member!
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Hey bkmurphy, it´s funny you mentiont the Look ma no hands bit. I can make exits off the freeway with my Scort and say the exactsame thing. that thing would make doughnuts if I let go for loong enough. Too bad it didn´t pull left instead of right, then I would take it to the Winston cup and out corner all of ´em.
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heh. Maybe I should spend my last 10 bucks on a membership(this would be like $100 Canadian...lol) I need to diet anyway...


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At least you can drive yours...
New tires, realignment, new muffler, new clutch, new sparks and new battery terminal connectors (My negative would just slide off it was so loose, made for some very interesting rides).
2 months later I find my insurance has been cancelled because of speeding tickets and an accident in a parking lot (She backed into me but parking lots are always 50/50). I can´t afford 6k CDN a year so the Mibzcort is in the garage and I´m driving the Folkswagon.
Sounds like my first car, my beautiful 88 dodge Aries!!! What a hunk of #$%!

I hated that car every time I stepped behing the wheel!!


I feel for ya man.I once had an old 68 falcon with custom color crayon graphics.We used it to widen trails for our dirt bikes(If only I´d known that one day it would be worth something). when I took it in for a brake job they made me sign a release cause the thing needed like $850us in brake work but I told em throw on some pads for $50 and call it good.I kept that clunker running for a long time until some lady comes around a corner in her new cadillac and totalled it,but because i was on a suspended licence I got stuck paying for her car.If you aint walkin,it´s all good.
haha, Yep, I have the same prob with the car pulling what ever way it wants too 24/7...I´m thinking its my tie rod too...plus I know my struts and springs are dead.

If it makes anyone feel better I didn´t buy any groceries for 8 weeks because I bought my turbo.

I lived off of old boxes of rice-a-roni, mac n´ cheese, ramen, and going to Costco when they had samples out

I still dont have the money to due suspension for awhile....too bad because I´m down to 1/32 tread on the fronts because of it now.
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man you think you have it bad...

in the last year, about $5000 has gone into keeping my car running. even so, it´s still been sitting in the driveway all month because it needs a new crankshaft.

but, fortunately, i went to one auto shop and they said that they could put a bigger key in the crankshaft so that the pulley wouldn,t come loose like it´s been doing. man my timing screws up like so fast after they reset it.

oh and Stro, your vibration problem may be the same thing as mine. i finally figured out that the vibration was the crank pulley being loose. when it first got loose it wasn´t that bad and the timing stayed pretty close to normal, but after time it got worse and the timing gets thrown off after about a week after its been reset. it keeps getting worse now because of the bad crankshaft. you should get it checked out if the pulley falls off you´re gonna need a valve job or a new engine.
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