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hey guys whats up it is i whitie bear

anyways just a quick update of what ive been up to since the erdt board crashed

i installed gen 3 color matched mirrors, a msd blaster 2 coil, taylor 8.5mm wires, ngk iridium plugs, advanced timing to 16 degrees, of course now using premium fuel, ah ive had some intake problems lately, and i snapped of a bolt for holding my distributor tight

but ya whats going on

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engines changed a bit from this pic

you guys know me cmon ahahhaha

ill list my perf mods

civic intake with ram air extension (custom)
rx7 VAF
battery relocation
msd blaster 2 coil
taylor 8.5mm wires
ngk iridium plugs
obx SV002 muffler
high flow cat (resonator)
timing advanced to 16 degrees
front corksport strut bar
rear ractive strut bar
sway bar poly bushings
civic short throw shifter

and kinda perf

tokico hp BLUES
ground control coilovers
tenzo r 17's
kumho 205/40/ZR17

and tons of little appearance mods interior and out
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