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if i can´t get any performance, i´m goin´

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hello all. i have an 88.5 escort lx that i absolutely do not want to sell. i´ve put countless paychecks into improving it´s exterior (you may have seen the ´hatchback that was to be´ at a local show). it´s got everything but performance. what can i do to get this thing runnin´ good? i can´t find any parts for it. i was thinkin´ about swappin´ motor/tranny for a honda engine, but i don´t know. i might just sell it. where can i get parts? thanks in advance
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depends. if you want bolt on they are hard to find. if you don´t mind doing some extra work there is all sorts of stuff you can do. I´ll let the CVH experts pipe up on this one though.

Torin would be a good one to reply to this.
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