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I am having problems with my escort idling. I started it and when it idled it died. I dont know what it could be and also the check engine light decided to come on also when i started it up againg. Thanks in advance for the help guys because i really have no idea.
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My guess is it´s being starved for something. either air or fuel. also, check all your spark plugs, spark plug wires, the ignition coil and all your vacuum hoses.
Also check the O2 sensor. You said the check light is coming on...right?
make sure there´s no hole in your downpipe below your exhaust header. that could be causing your O2 sensor to read too much oxygen and therefore the ECU will dump more fuel in the car, causing it to die (over saturation). It´s a long shot, but a possibility.
Where is the o2 sensor? And some additional information i forgot. It takes it a long time to idle and when it does it idles at like 1000 rpms and i dont think that it should idle that high but i am not sure. I dont know if that helps but thought it might.
the O2 sensor is below the header of the exhaust before the resonator. My EGT idles at 1700 when it´s cold, about 700 when it´s warmed up.
So is it that thing with the wire sticking out of it? How do i check if it is bad? Thanks.
You will have to get a computerized code reader to find out...but it might give you a list of other things to check too. Your best bet is to take it to a repair shop that you know and trust and see if they can hook it up their compter code reader. If not, just buy an O2 sensor to see what happens.
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How much do you think an 02 censor will cost?
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Well i just got back from the junkyard and i think i got a used o2 sensor. I know it might be bad as well but i figure i might as well give it a try, ill let you guys know.
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