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Idle rough when warm

Discussion in '3rd Gen 1997-2002 2.0L SOHC' started by Gabriel Panoussi, Feb 24, 2017.

  1. Gabriel Panoussi

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    Flint, MI
    I have a new head ache. I am fairly certain this only happens when car is hot. I get really erratic low idle when engine is warm. Maybe its the o2 sensor? Or plugged egr or exhaust? I ordered a new o2 sensor for 16 bucks it will be here in a week.
    In the mean time I will run a compression test and fuel pressure test. Also will run the compression when the engine is hot on any suspect cylinders. Maybe head is going bad and not sealing after warm? So far no check engine lights have been tripped. Been this was for about a week and getting a bit worst.
  2. sturgilln

    sturgilln FEOA Member

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    Sounds like fuel injectors but check/replace your vacuum lines and motor mounts first - it's a relatively cheap fix and totally worth the time...

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  3. Pizzaman5000

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    Central OH
    *if* its egr related, I'd clean the dpfe first. The valve itself could be sticking open, but a dpfe should pick that up. I rarely suggest cleaning the valve itself anymore, just because they are impossible to remove 50% of the time. Clean the dpfe like ten times.

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