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idle problem ?

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there seems to be an idle problem with my car ( 93 egt ). When ever theres no gas applied it dies or sometimes just almost dies until i hit the gas to wake it up. I got my oil changed today and still when i was driving in neutral it shut off.. it starts right back up fine and drives good but it just seems to not want to idle ... i think my intake tube could be the problem in this but if you all could gimme suggestions or ideas?? later on
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Hey man! I had the same problem with my 93 LX. I´d stop at a light and i had to keep it around 1000 rpms to keep it running and it started out of no where. It was a vacume leak in the pvc hose at the elbow. The ford place said that was a common thing with the escort. I replaced the hose and it ran better then it had in a year or so. I hope this helps you out some and good luck.
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