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idle problem ?

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there seems to be an idle problem with my car ( 93 egt ). When ever theres no gas applied it dies or sometimes just almost dies until i hit the gas to wake it up. I got my oil changed today and still when i was driving in neutral it shut off.. it starts right back up fine and drives good but it just seems to not want to idle ... i think my intake tube could be the problem in this but if you all could gimme suggestions or ideas?? later on
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Unplug your Air Flow meter, if the car idles fine then there is a leak in the intake tube. if it still dies check the Idle Air Control valve on the throttle body. If is is gunked up that will cause you idle to suck as well when you don´t have the throttle body open. If it is the IAC valve then spray some throttle body cleaner in it to try to get the gunk out. Also check all of your hoses for vacuum leaks. Especially at the brake booster. When I bought my car the grommet that held the tube into the brake booster was cracked and you could hear is sucking the air in, and the backing was real hard.
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