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idle problem ?

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there seems to be an idle problem with my car ( 93 egt ). When ever theres no gas applied it dies or sometimes just almost dies until i hit the gas to wake it up. I got my oil changed today and still when i was driving in neutral it shut off.. it starts right back up fine and drives good but it just seems to not want to idle ... i think my intake tube could be the problem in this but if you all could gimme suggestions or ideas?? later on
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I am also havine an idle problem with my 92 egt. When you first start it up in the morning or after it has been sitting there for a while it will stay at like 2500 RPM´s then after a while it will go to like 1500 RPM´s and it will stay there for a long time before it finally idles and it idles at 1000 RPM´s. I checked the hose that comes off of the VAF and no cracks i could see, i checked my PVC valve thinking that might have something to do with it but no luck. Anyone ever have this problem and can anyone help? Thanks :-]
I have 2 egt´s a 91 and 92 and the 91 just revs to like 1500RPM´s for a little while and then drops down to like 700 RPM´s but my 92 takes a long time to idle i mean we are talking like 10 min give or take a few.
But mine never idles below 1000, isnt that abnormal for my car. I mean everyone i have heard says that theirs idle at like 600-800. Even my other egt idles at 700.
How would i adjust that so i would idle lower? This wont mess up my car adjusting this right?
If i cant adjust it then how did it get that way in the first place? Stupid car! :-Y Well i guess if anyone knows of anything i can do or something else it might be let me know please and thanks for the help so far.
Where is the air bypass valve located and about how much does it cost?
What does the bypass air valve look like? :-?
I know i am an idiot but the bypass air valve, is it the thing under the intake hose right where it meets the manifold? Thanks
P.S. Sorry i am stupid :-?
I FINALLY FOUND IT! I am an idiot. It is right behind the intake pendilum, you have to take it off to get to the valve. I looked it up at school on this thing that we have called all data online. It is a big automotive archive thing that has stuff on any car you can think on. Finally i am going to fix my idle! :-] :-] :-] :-]
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