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I...think...i killed a Neon...

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Last night i was driving around as usual doing nothing, and there was this little pinkish Neon next to me. Well, normally i launch pretty hard anyway, but when i took off and shifted at 5k rpm, I noticed the Neon was up near my rear bumper, usually when i take off like that and they aren´t trying they´re WAY behind, but she was really close, so i laid on 2nd gear and took off. I´m not sure if that was a kill, because i don´t know if she was trying...but if she was, that Neon is a pretty pathetic car. I dunno though.
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no, they aren´t that much competition...it was an older one i assume? i haven´t even heard of pinkish ones in the new style, or of the SX or whichever it is now
Yeah, it didn´t even have the hubcaps on it anymore. i wasn´t trying either, and i still spanked it. I dunno if i want to count that as a kill though. I´ll think about it, and add the notch if i decide to later.
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ahh I´d call it a kill. She wanted some and she couldn´t handle the scort. The older neons especailly the automatics were real dogs. I don´t think I ever saw a pink one thoughunless you ment it was that kinda off red color.
well it was an off pink/purplish color...it probably used to have the white wheel caps, but they were all gone. just the wheels, 4 doors, a crappy engine, and an embarrassed driver.
I raced one just like that with my 89 Accord, murdered it, any who, I thought it rather comical that the driver had VIPER on the back window, and he was riding pimp style (no offense to those who do that, but I laugh my ass off everytime...) and got whooped by a car almost 10 years older then it.
poor baby. I miss my Honda.
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