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I think I just bought a Cayman Gt...

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Howdy folks,

I just took delivery today of what was supposed to be a 1992 Escort GT in Cayman green. But now looking at it further, I think it might be a 1991.5 model.

What does this mean? Any special parts on it? I am just going to be using it for parts, since the frame and floor pans, as well as most of the body, is rusted out.

What makes a Cayman GT special????

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That´s all I know forsure so far too...

Why was it a special 91.5 model then???
Well the year is right,Do the wheels match?What color are the seats?but talk to caymenGT94.He knows more.
Had the polished aluminum rims with Green accents, and has the grey with green/blue piping interior...

Previous owner kept the rims, damnit!
If you are parting the Caymen GT I would be interested in the rear seat (both pieces) and the front passenger seat. Pls contact me at [email protected]

Many thanks.
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