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I saw an oddball today.

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Today I saw a freak of nature and I was wondering does anyone else like the Cushmans or the even rarer Diahatsu micro´s?(they are really tiny 4 pass vans that look like go carts but are street legal)I saw an early 60´s Cushman window van today and it was a little hurt but from what I could see not in too bad a shape.I was wondering if anyone else has seen one and how many people they could carry?I may go back tomorrow and try to locate the owner.
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this may be off topic a little, but a personal record i participated in was fitting 7 people in an integra type r, this wasn´t just while the car was off, we went to a movie theater 10 miles away like that.
we have type r´s in north america?
We once shoved 8 plus the driver in a bug.And we drove around looking for someone stupid enough to buy us beer.It was cool we had this really short girl who always got stuffed somewhere that no one else would fit, like laying in the rear window.Oh and i found a junk yard with Cushmans, but there wasn´t any van types and I don´t want a popsicle truck.
yeah, the type r belonged to my sister´s friend - a girl - haha she really cared about cars too, she got intake and exhaust and got it lowered. it was a pretty nice car. there´s a couple more type r´s in my area, a guy that swims where i work has one, and a guy in my neighborhood has one, and i see another one driving around with a mexican in the driver´s seat.
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