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I need a part and can´t find it!!

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I have a ´91 EGT.
VIN: 1FAPP1285MW178174
FORD PART NO: E9GZ-6305-A (obsolete)
MAZDA PART NO: 66-11-321-A (i think)

I need the Crank Shaft Pulley (a.k.a. crankshaft sprocket; timing belt pulley)

I haven´t had much luck with the junk yards, here, but if you know where I can buy it new or used let me know. Oh, and by the way I even was crazy enough to go to a Ford Dealership to find the part, and they don´t make or sell them anymore.
I am greatful for any help that you can give me...
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I may have one back up at my storage area. It will take me a while but I will check the next time I am there.
Do you know if the 93 EGT engine has the same part? i have a spare engine that still has the pulley assy.
I work for a mazda dealership up here in Ontario and that aint a Mazda part number. I will look it and give you the right part number unless the part number are different between the US and Canada. I know for a fact that your local mazda dealership will have it. same as a Protege 1.8 dohc.


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Thanks for the responses, i´ll be looking forward to whatever info you can give me.
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